Poetry in love


Love is a mystery to the lonely
The steps one makes
Is hollowed en route
Only to not be guaranteed
Have the futures been corrupted
By past mistakes
To never be resolved?
The thought is unbearable
But the walk is still hollow echoing and determined to resolve the issues of loneliness

The time for love
Occurs when I hold your hand
To bring you happiness
Only then does it draw
A smile to our faces
Warms our feelings
Nurturing a kiss
Clenched firmly
And embrace
So tomorrow I may hold
You again

Hello …
Can I just…
Say hello to you
I don’t want
Another day to pass
Without you thinking
I ignore you
Go on and sleep tonight
For my words hopefully
Comfort you to ease and love
Me again tomorrow

Park bench

Slowly the time
Withers you
And the elements
Disrobe you of color
Peeling a sense of
Loneliness at your paint
Many used you as support
And as a marker of territory
With graffiti
Matchmaker of love
Too but time has made you a disdain urban relic

Jul 4
Look up and be free

Look up and be free

Jul 4

Silent sky

Muted cloud
In a colorful sky
A touch of grace
Into your body
No words are needed
But just look up
And see my love
Through a kiss

Private property

Shut them out
Banished them
Only privileged
The world can’t
Be in harmony
Private security
Private lives
Keep out!!!
Interaction gone
Let’s remain private please

Insomnia poem

Call me to be alone
Voicemail me a kiss
Say you miss my embrace
All to feel accomplished
I miss your tears
That hid my fears
And held each other’s hand
In the dark
A lone wolf howls your name
But to my dismay
You’re mute in love